Year 10 Fine Art course

AS and A2 level Fine Art.

Fine Art focuses on a student's own (direct) experiences, emotions and moods, presented in visual form. Fine Art can be purely decorative, a means of personal expression or representative (documenting the form of a subject) or some combination of these three areas.

Students are expected to work individually, exploring a prescribed theme and carefully documenting the evolution of their creative ideas using a combination of visual and verbal language. This process, within each coursework project ultimately leads to either a single final piece, or a series of interrelated pieces of work that represents the culmination of many weeks of development and exploration.

Fine Art can be broken down into the following key disciplines:
- painting & drawing
- printmaking
- sculpture
- mixed / alternative media

The Edexcel Fine Art course is examined by a 50:50 combination of coursework and exam submission. The exam work is submitted in May of the school year.