You are half way through your IGCSE Physics course and will be continuing from where we finished teaching in May. We realise you have been hard hit by the closures and so to help you start Year 11 in the strongest position, you will find here some reminders and refreshers.

1. A guided review of key work from Year 10, based on what we know will be most useful to you in Year 11, or most likely to come up in the end of year exams.

2. An introduction to the most difficult of the topics coming up. In Year 11 the main challenge is in Electricity and Magnetism . If you remind yourself of what you already know that will put you in the right mindset.

3. An invitation to drop in and talk. We won't be teaching yet but we can answer questions about the topics coming up, the year and the exams. And of course, just say hello!