The Year 6 PSHE course focuses on transition under an umbrella of 'Being better...'.

In the first third of the year, students think about how to be better school citizens. We want you to work on being organised, being school-ready, and transitioning toward independence. The skills and behaviours which BSK rewards through the House Point system underpin the course, and so students that embrace these ideas should find themselves earning house points and avoiding sanctions.

During the middle part of the year focus shifts towards being better citizens in society. That means understanding how to be a happy and healthy member of the community, with hobbies and interests and a developing sense of self. Of course, it also means respecting the choices that others make, especially when they aren't the same as the ones we made ourselves.

Finally students will think about how to be better at studying. As the end of Year 6 draws close they will think about work-life balance, better study skills, taking exams in one's stride and being the best student they can be. We also recall that while exams are important, we should also reflect on the other achievements, skills and successes of the year, including sports, arts and music, awards and hobbies pursued.

In short: be the best student YOU can be!